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Humans of Kilcock – Conn McDunphy

February 7th, 2021

“The neurologist in Beaumont Hospital signed me off on Friday. I am now allowed to return to racing but I must keep my neck rehab up for a long time to come.

After four months of uncertainty, not knowing if I would ever be able to race safely again, this is extremely welcome news.

For anyone who didn’t know, I fractured the left occipital condyle on my skull, which is basically C0 if you think of your neck vertebrae. The bony structure is still fractured but there is enough fibrous fusion and tissue for the bone to be stable and not mover further into my brain stem.

The fracture may never heal properly but they are happy it is stable and that it shouldn’t be any more of a risk racing with this than any other person.

See you on the road. I’m just going to keep showing up and grafting” – Conn McDunphy

Daly Named on the Connacht Eagles team to face Leinster A

By Robert Cox Dec 11th 2020

Kilcock man Cormac Daly has been named at second row on the Connacht Eagles team for tomorrow’s ‘A’ interprovincial clash with Leinster A.

The game is the first of back-to-back interpros for the Eagles, with the squad also hosting Ulster next Friday at The Sportsground.
Daly is included in a squad that contains a mixture of Pros and Academy players looking to build on the National Sevens fixtures.

Saturday 12th December, Energia Park, Kick-Off 2.00pm

15. Oran McNulty
14. Diarmuid Kilgallen
13. Shane Jennings
12. Sean O’Brien
11. Colm de Buitlear
10. Cathal Forde
9. Stephen Kerins
1. Paddy McAllister
2. Dylan Tierney-Martin
3. Dominic Robertson-McCoy
4. Cormac Daly
5. Darragh Murray
6. Joshua Dunne
7. Oisin McCormack
8. Donnacha Byrne

Replacements from: Declan Adamson, Matthew Burke, Conor Kenny, Hubert Costello, Hubert Gilvarry, Peter Sullivan, Rory McCleane, Eoin de Buitlear, Ciaran Booth.

Humans Of Kilcock – Tommy Simms Part 2

I feel William Norris deserves to be remembered. He lay in an unmarked grave for over 200 years.

Two weeks ago Kilcock man Tommy Simms completed a long-standing personal project by finally putting in place a headstone to mark the grave site of Kilcock man William Norris at Ladychapel graveyard.

Mr Simms explained to us why this was so important to him and gaev us a bit of a background to the story;

“To be honest I felt that deserved to be remembered. He fought at the battle of Ovidstown in 1798 and was later executed at the Shrubbery in Kilcock for his part.

William lived where Callaghy’s Pharmacy is now. He fought at the battle of Ovidstown and was shown no mercy when he was executed by The British for his part in the battle at The Shrubbery (opposite Circle K Petrol Station).

An unnamed English man rode his horse down Bridge Street and proclaimed that Norris was to be executed and despite his family’s pleas, he was killed and buried not far from his home at The Shrubbery.

Not happy with this, friends and fellow rebels dug Norris up in the night and risked their own lives by bringing him through the fields to Ladychapel graveyard, where he still lies to this day.

A few years ago I got a ‘Diviner’ into the graveyard at Ladychpel to locate where William Norris had been buried. Once we were happy we had located his burial site, I then planned one day to erect something to ensure he didnt lie in an unmarked grave.

This may have taken longer than I would have liked but I am now happy to play my part in making sure that William Norris didn’t lie in an unmarked grave for eternity.

I would like to thank Bernard Groome for supplying the headstone”

* Please note this is Tommy Simms’ version of accounts and also his opinion on the story and not those of Extra Time Sport.

** If anyone has anymore information on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kilcock Goal Mile Returns Virtually For 2020

By Robert Cox Dec 3rd 2020

It’s that time of year! Break out the hats, scarfs and headbands, oh and if course the runners, the Kilcock GOAL mile is back again!

Locals taking part in the 2019 Kilcock Goal Mile at the North Kildare Club.

The organisers of the Kilcock GOAL Mile took to their Facebook page today to promote the return of their now annual event;

“Although things are a little different this year, you can still go that extra mile by taking part in our Virtual Mile Run. It’s unfortunate we won’t be able gather as usual but we can all still do our part while staying apart!

This year we will be hosting our fundraisers online at the link attached below and doing our runs separately. I hope to see people posting selfies or track record screenshots of their mile run on this facebook page or even tag us @kilcockgoalmile.

With the current situation we believe a little kindness goes a long way and getting outside for a bit of activity will do us all a world of wonders. So please support charities this year and do your part to spread a little joy this Christmas”

One of the organisers Roisin Reddy taking part in 2019 at the North Kildare Club

Roisin Reddy who helped set up the fundraiser and is taking part herself said; “I’m taking part in the GOAL Mile to raise funds and highlight GOAL’s life-saving work across Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

GOAL believes in a world where poverty no longer exists, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to well-being are removed, and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

GOAL’s work is reaching out to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. With your support we can keep GOAL’s life-changing programmes moving forward. Please donate whatever you can. Thank you”

Roisin has been hosting the Kilcock Goal Mile for the past three years and describes how she got involved; “My family and I began taking part in the GOAL Mile eleven years ago and we’ve been hooked ever since.

It brings me so much joy to see everyone who comes out to support the run and their kindness warms my heart every year.

I know this year is going to be a little different but luckily for us we have the Internet and social media to help us continue this tradition. Although we will be apart. We can still do our part”

Donate at:

Tea Off For Rye River Restaurant At Kilcock Golf Club

By Robert Cox Dec 3rd 2020

Rye River Cafe will re-open the doors of their new restaurant at Kilcock Golf Club tomorrow Friday, December 4th, following weeks of enforced closure due to Level 5 restrictions.

An excited Rye River took their Facebook page on Thursday to show their excitement ahead of Friday’s openings of their cafe in Kilcock and restaurant at the Golf Club. “It’s a massive week for all our team here at the Rye River Café✨🎄. We are so excited to open up to all our amazing customers who have been so loyal to us during lockdown. Reservations are filling up fast for the Golf Club & the Café. Book your table now @ http://www.ryerivercafe.com for either venue to avoid disappointment”

Meanwhile Kilcock Golf Club also took their social media pages to show their excitement at the re-opening; “We are very excited for you all to see the work that has been done on the restaurant over the last few weeks. We are looking forward to opening the Rye River Restaurant tomorrow from 10am”

Best wishes to all involved at Rye River Cafe from Extra Time Sport. We can’t wait to swing in and check out the menu below.

Humans of Kilcock – Tommy Simms Part I

I had just passed the cul de sac back back near Kilcock and rounded the bad bend in the road when the road straightened up in front of me. It was about 400 yards to next bad bend. All of a sudden I could see this black figure coming towards me. At first I didn’t know what it was. I had to rub my eyes.

I’m going back to 1951 here now. I was after been up in Downpatrick to ride a horse. I rode a winner infact, on a horse called Rosall for trainer Ger Flood. The race was on a Saturday and we went up on the Friday.

On friday night we went to the pictures up there. We used to always go to the pictures here in Kilcock also and at that time they played the National Anthem at the end. More often than not we’d scarper before the anthem and nearly to our detremint, we did the same up in Downpatrick.

The film ended and we headed for the door as ‘God Save The Queen’ belted out over the tannoy. Well I’m not messing we were nearly killed that night for disrespecting their anthem. Sure we didn’t do it intentionally. We got out of there fairly quick I tell ya.

Anyway the race came and went the next day and I was delighted to get the victory. By the time we got back home to Clonfert afterwards and I watered, fed, and cleaned down the horse, it was 1am before I got on the bike left Flood’s yard to head for Kilcock.

Now this aul bike I was on was the noisiest, rattliest yolk around. Not a word of a lie, you’d hear it beyond in Dunboyne.

This particular night there was the brightest full moon out, it was almost like day time.

I had just passed the cul de sac back back near Kilcock and rounded the bad bend in the road when the road straightened up in front of me. It was about 400 yards to next bad bend. All of a sudden I could see this black figure coming towards me. At first I didn’t know what it was. I had to rub my eyes.

Stretch of road where Tommy Simms spotted the ghost back in 1951

But it was still there and getting closer. As it got nearer, I noticed that it was the figure of a woman, she was dressed in old Victorian style clothing, a long flowing dress, with a big fancy hat and a kind of a veil covering her face.

The woman wasn’t walking but kind of floating along the bank and we just passed by eachother. She didn’t bother me and I certainly didn’t bother her.

I’m not messing, I got the fright of my life. It was the first time I seen a ghost and by God did I peddle faster than I ever peddled before and that old rattly bike moved quicker than ever.

When I got home me father was still awake, he’d always be awake like that if I was off racing and was late home. He’d be worried something would have happened me in the race.

He looked at me and I must have been as white as that ghost I’d just seen as he said to me “Are you alright son?” Well I leapt into the bed beside him and explained to him what I’d just seen.

Of course he believed me as he had seen ghosts before himself so he wasn’t sceptical or he didn’t think I was mad, but he did have a great laugh at me when as I lay there scared out of my skin!!

I’ve seen manys a ghost since but I’ll never forget that first one that night on the Laragh Road into Kilcock. But I tell ya, it’s the live ones you want to watch!!!