Player Profiles

Emily Mangan; Meath and Blackhall Gaels Camogie player.


Emily after she won the Meath Poc Fada recently.

Name: Emily Mangan

Nickname: Mango

Occupation: Swim Co-Ordinator at Aura Trim Leisure Centre

Debut for County: Division 4 League vs. Roscommon 2006.

Position: Goalkeeper

Greatest Achievement: I have been lucky to be on some great teams over the years. County this year has been brilliant so far winning the Division 2 league and Leinster. Winning the Senior Championship with Blackhall is up there too.

Favourite Position: I used to play outfield but since John Davis brought me back to the goals I’ve loved the challenge of playing there

Sporting Idol: Damien Fitzhenry ex Wexford hurling goalkeeper. My granny is from Wexford and we were always bought Wexford jerseys for Christmas by her so I suppose that’s where I got it from

GAA Player with biggest influence on you: In Blackhall we were very lucky to have some brilliant senior players like Emma Fahy, Kate Murphy, Jane and Una Burke to look up to. I always remember being younger and being jealous that they could hit the ball in the middle of their stick so I practised it night and day at home. I broke windows, doors and lost plenty of sliotars until I got it right

Best player played with: Jane Dolan

If you could sign two players for Meath/Blackhall who would you sign and why? Claire Coffey from Na Fianna- She plays full back for county, we get on well and I have great confidence in her. Always wins the 50/50 ball and is a rock in there under pressure

Aoife Thompson from Dunboyne- Could play any sport in the world and would succeed at it. Tomso can play any position on the pitch. She’s tough, fair and skilful

What does playing for Meath/Blackhall mean to you? I love playing for my club and county equally I think the ultimate achievement for any GAA player is to represent your home and the place which made you in the Camogie player you are. The girls in Blackhall are some of my best friends, we all get on and are like a mad family in one way. We look after each other and do our best for each other.

Biggest influence on your career: My Mam and Dad. They tell me exactly how I played after every match whether its good or bad. John Davis has been my main trainer for 10 years so he’s shaped me into the player I am today and is constantly encouraging me to get better.

Biggest Joker: Ann Murphy or the Nolan sisters from Blackhall

Hardiest Teammate: Kristina Troy/ Kate Murphy

Fastest and Slowest Teammate: Fastest: There’s a few Megan Tynne, Amy Gaffney, Amy Crosbie Slowest: I’m as slow as a wet week

Most Skilful Teammate: Aine Keogh

Teammate who spends the longest in front of the mirror: Too many to name

Best and worst dancer: Ann Murphy- the good, the bad and the ugly of dancing!

Most intelligent teammate: Claire Burke

Any pre-match rituals: I have to touch wood about 50 times a day so that’s probably the only one I have

Advice for younger players: Practise the basics; it’s the simple things that get you out of trouble in a match

If you were stranded on a desert island and were only allowed bring three things with you. What three things would you bring: A boat and two paddles to get off it!

Ambition for remainder of 2016: Win an All Ireland with Meath, get to the county final with Blackhall and continue to do well in my personal life.


Emily practising her puck outs at a recent open training session for the Meath Intermediate Camogie team.