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Humans of Kilcock – Shane Farrell

“To be honest it’s hard thinking that on May the 5th I should be standing with all my Kildare team mates listening to the national anthem ahead of our Leinster Championship game. Instead I’ll be at home looking at the news. It breaks my heart.

Obviously it’s heart breaking about the Leinster Minor Championship, I spent the last few years of my life building up to it and then to get it taken away from you, it’s hard to take.

I do think there will be some competition for county later in the year but whenever that is I don’t know but I have to stay positive and hope there will be. I also like to think that we might get some club action later in the year also.

I am realistic though and know that there are other things more important in life and you have to think that things always could be a lot worse. At the end of the day football will still be waiting on the other side of this so that’s good thought to have”

Humans of Kilcock – Hannah Duffy Logan

“Today is world IBD Day (Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) I have been suffering with Crohns Disease since 2011. I’ve had countless blood transfusions, iron infusions and have been getting fed through TPN. It was a very difficult journey. It started with severe stomach pain, before throwing up everything I ate. I had bleeding and was unable to get up out of bed. I lost nearly 6 stone which was over half my body weight.

When I visited my GP he assumed I had a eating disorder, as did many other people that I met. I went to A&E countless times until they finally did a colonoscopy and it was determined it was Crohns Disease. After this I was in hospital for months, getting fed through TPN, on countless medications until they had no choice to remove half my bowel because I wasn’t improving.

I got on great after this, maybe just a few admissiosn until 2019, when my world was turned upside down. It was back with a vengeance. I have now severe complicated Crohns. I have contracted C diff while I was in hospital which was agonizing, I lost a lot of weight again and had to get fed through TPN yet again. I have 2 fistulas which may need surgery and I’m on 3 immunosuppressants, one which includes a chemotherapy drug. For that one I go to hospital for 2 hours every 4 weeks for an infusion.

I’ve had 8 admissions since June 2019 and I am still flaring since then. I really hope they find a cure, this can be devastating on your life. I’ve been out of work since then and I have only recently been able to start going for walks because I lost so much muscle, after been once confined to bed”