Robert Cox LGFA

Thanks for stopping by, I’m Robert Cox, a sports journalist based in Ireland. A graduate of Kilroy College where I obtained my qualification in freelance journalism. I have a passion for all sport, especially the people behind it and the stories they have to tell. 

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. David Doran.

    Is there any other way to contact you? Im a parent of a swimmer you featured recently but i dont use either of the 3 socials you listed.


    1. Robert Cox Post author

      Hi David, you can email me on Robertcoxsport.Com I hope everything was OK with that, as I hadn’t too much info on your daughter. Congratulations again. Robert.


  2. David Doran.

    Good evening Robert. Your feature was fine..i only saw it today. While shes in school im Maynooth we live about 20 miles further west. Swimming is unfortunately the most overlooked sport in the country yet it has the hardest and fittest athletes, you could do worse than attend a competition ( Gala ) and see for yourself. Irish swimming has undergone a long metamorphosis/rehabilitation and is now very professionally run and incredibly ambitious, now it needs positive exposure and publicity from independent journalists like yourself – MSM have little interest. Next year is the Tokyo Olympics. ..perhaps you might be interested in doing a feature on the 3-4 elite female hopefuls and their much more numerous male counterparts ( Aoife will not be amongst them )? I know its a niche sport but still those kids and teenagers would value the publicity…….google “Aoife Doran swimming” for a sense of the efforts these swimmers put in. If you want any pointers etc feel free…..Thank You.
    David Doran.



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