Player Profile – James Ruddy Blackhall Gaels Minor Footballer

Name: James Ruddy

Team: Blackhall Gaels Minor Football

Favourite Position: Fullback/Midfield

Most important skill of the game: The Shoulder

Any pre match rituals/superstitions? Listening to music.

Toughest opponent (in training or from another team) Barry O’Toole

Team you most like to beat: Kilmainhamwood/Summerhill

Proudest Day in or out of Gaa:
First game for the Senior Cup team in Clongowes.

Toughest or most disappointing day:
Losing in the Junior Cup (Rugby)

Biggest influence on your career:
Aidan O’Shea

Joker in the panel:
Charlie Barker

Best trainer on the panel:
Kealan Forde (2020 Minor)

Best fashion sense on the team:
None of us stand out really!!!

Most skilful player on the team:
Luke Jennings (2020 Minor)

Best player played with or against:
Hugh Corcoran

One player from any age group you would like your team to sign:
Brian Fenton

Player you most admire from another sport:
Will Connors Leinster & Ireland

Other sports you play competitively or as a hobbie:
Rugby and Golf

Favourite thing to watch:
The Last Dance

Favourite food:
Chicken (any type)

3 things you couldn’t live without:
Chicken, Rugby, GAA

In 10 years time, I hope to be:
Pro Rugby Player

What 3 people, alive or dead, would you invite to your dinner party.
Richie McCaw, Elon Musk, Jesus Christ

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know:
I’m a qualified lifeguard

Who do you want to nominate as the next Player to be profiled:
Charlie Barker

What 1 question do you want to ask that person:
Best Coach you’ve played under.

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