Humans Of Kilcock – Tommy Simms Part 2

I feel William Norris deserves to be remembered. He lay in an unmarked grave for over 200 years.

Two weeks ago Kilcock man Tommy Simms completed a long-standing personal project by finally putting in place a headstone to mark the grave site of Kilcock man William Norris at Ladychapel graveyard.

Mr Simms explained to us why this was so important to him and gaev us a bit of a background to the story;

“To be honest I felt that deserved to be remembered. He fought at the battle of Ovidstown in 1798 and was later executed at the Shrubbery in Kilcock for his part.

William lived where Callaghy’s Pharmacy is now. He fought at the battle of Ovidstown and was shown no mercy when he was executed by The British for his part in the battle at The Shrubbery (opposite Circle K Petrol Station).

An unnamed English man rode his horse down Bridge Street and proclaimed that Norris was to be executed and despite his family’s pleas, he was killed and buried not far from his home at The Shrubbery.

Not happy with this, friends and fellow rebels dug Norris up in the night and risked their own lives by bringing him through the fields to Ladychapel graveyard, where he still lies to this day.

A few years ago I got a ‘Diviner’ into the graveyard at Ladychpel to locate where William Norris had been buried. Once we were happy we had located his burial site, I then planned one day to erect something to ensure he didnt lie in an unmarked grave.

This may have taken longer than I would have liked but I am now happy to play my part in making sure that William Norris didn’t lie in an unmarked grave for eternity.

I would like to thank Bernard Groome for supplying the headstone”

* Please note this is Tommy Simms’ version of accounts and also his opinion on the story and not those of Extra Time Sport.

** If anyone has anymore information on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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