Kilcock Ladies Stats 2012 – League

Stats update after Suncroft Final: 14/7/12

Top Scorer Chart:
Grace White 4:40
Emma Robinson 5:20
Noelle Conlon 4:18
Sheena Byrne 2:17
Aisling O’Connor 3:08
Caoimhe Fagan 0:16
Louise Keane 2:10
Orla Cagney 2:03

Laura O’Neill 2:01
Caithlin Ni Mhuiricu 0:03

Emma Hoare 0:02

Shona Cagney 0:02
Shanon Byrne 0:02
Emma Maguire 0:01
Fiona Campion 0:01

Games Played:12 Won:10 Lost:2

Score For: 24:144
Score Against: 15:69

Wides: 84 (counted in last ten games only)

Player Of Games Awards:
1st Game v Kilcullen (Aisling O’Connor)

2nd Game v Na Fianna (Grace White)
3rd Game v Clane (Orla Cagney)
4th Game v Suncroft (Eimear Kelly)
5th Game v Kilcullen (Caoimhe Fagan)
6th Game v Clane (Paige Byrne)
7th Game v Na Fianna (Caoimhe Fagan)
8th Game v Robert Emmets (Laura O’Neill)

9th Game v Robert Emmets (Shona Cagney)

10th Game v Suncroft (Emma Maguire)
11th Game v Robert Emmets Semi Final (Aisling O’Connor)
12th Game v Suncroft Final (Emma Hoare)

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