01/03/12 Depression, Blackhall Gaels & My Black Dog

So no blog yesterday. Nothing yesterday only one whole disaster. Tings had been getting a bit better and then bang. One day. Now I have to pick up the pieces and start again but I am a bit more positive today and ready to tackle this head on. Do not really want to talk about yesterday much but just to say there was alcohol involved and I did some things that I regret. Must have been the leap year or something and then when Linda did not propose haha!! On top of that I did not get up this morning for my appointment so yes things are bad and I have a few apologies to make. Think I am going to stop blogging for a few days, concentrate on picking myself back up. Walk a little, get some sun. Alcohol is a no no from now on and even though I have said it before, I mean it this time. Bad things happen when I drink and I am a different person. Not violent or anything towards anyone but just self-destructive. So I am signing off for a few days. Thank you for reading and with yesterday missed from the blog, lets try and forget it ever happened. After all we won’t see that date again for another four years. It’s time to get better. This has been going on for long enough. And the one thing you do not say to someone with depression, ”PULL YOUR SOCKS UP”, I find myself saying that to myself at this stage.

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