28/02/12 Depression, Blackhall Gaels & My Black Dog

Before you read today’s blog, have a look at yesterday’s to help you catch up. Today is just a continuation of a short story.
Robert’s Story: Day 2 ‘I have a Black Dog’.
Black Dog can make me say neagative things. He can make my voice weak and lacking conviction. Black Dog can also make me irritable and difficult to be around.
Black Dog thinks nothing of taking my love life and burying my intimacy.
He likes to wake me up with very repetitive, negative thinking.
Having a Black Dog in my life isn’t so much about feeling a bit down, sad or blue. At its worst, it’s about being devoid of feeling altogether. As the years go on, Black Dog gets bigger and he has started hanging around all the time.
I always say THAT’S IT!!! and attack him with whatever I think might send him running. But more often than not, he comes out on top. Staying down has become easier than getting up again.
I have become quite good at self medication…. which never really helps.
Sometimes I feel totally isolated from everything and everyone.
I have discovered that there are many different breeds of Black Dog affecting millions of people from all walks of life. The Black Dog is an equal opportunity mongrel.
Lately apart from my medication, I have learnt not to be afraid of Black Dog and have taught him a few tricks of my own.

Black Dog may always be a part of my life. But I have learnt that wih patience, humour, knowledge and discipline even the worst Black Dog can be made to heel.

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