20/02/12 Depression, Blackhall Gaels & My Black Dog

First and fore most today, happy birthday to my father. A man of few words but a man that has always been here for me and has helped in his own way since I first got this depression. Thanks Pat and happy birthday!! Had a fairly productive day today, I left the house for starters. Remember yesterday I talked about benefits and money etc? Well today I went into the citizens information office in Maynooth and got some useful information on what I could be entitled too. So that was good. We got Kiwi groomed today also but I will not mention where because we were not happy with the job at all. Like we payed 35euro and apart from his face he looks like he has more hair now than this morning. How is that possible? But of course me been non confrontational said it was fine. I probably just wont bring him back there. Was hoping to put up a nice photo of him groomed tonight. He was happy though as he got a goodie bag for his troubles. It was good to be getting out and about though for the morning. I am tired now though, I think it may be since my tablets got upped. I read an article from The Irish Examiner today that novelist Marian Keyes wrote about her troubles with depression. It was interesting and again I could relate to almost every point she made. It seems to be that everyone suffers from the same symptoms. She has had it on and off in her life so again I am hopeful I can beat mine as she has numerous times. And soon. I do not know if it is because I am depressed and look out for it more but everyday I open a paper or turn on the Internet, I read a new story of someone that has or had depression. I think it is rampant in Ireland at the moment and I am glad of all the awareness that is been raised because it is so sad to see lives been lost as a result of this illness. The link below is worth a read. I read that Marian found baking a good way of helping her on her days during depression. Baking now there is an idea.


Marian Keyes
I got a text today to say Blackhall have a second team challenge on Wednesday night against St.Finians of Newcastle so I might go to that if I feel up to it. Could be a good start to lent!! Pancakes tomorrow, yes.

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