15/02/12 Depression, Blackhall Gaels & My Black Dog


So as you can see I have started a new page for today and will be doing so for each individual day from now on. It is for you, the reader’s convenience. The latest day will then always appear at the top of the page but if you have not logged in for a while, do not forget to scroll down. Sure you wouldn’t know what you would be missing! At this stage I would just like to thank you all again for giving your time to read my blog and because you have done so, this morning my views for that one I have been running for two weeks now, reached 400. So keep reading (if you want) and thanks again. It is the day after Valentine’s day and as I said in my last blog, yesterday was a good day and made me realise how lucky I am to be able to experience such days. I am sure for someone else it may not have seemed the most exciting if you were in my shoes, but for me, to feel and do normal things for the first time in ages was an amazing feeling. I felt such a good, strong feeling at the end of the day. Days like yesterday are rare though and today seems to be a bit of a let down as I have not even left the house yet. Small things are annoying me also but I have to stay strong. I have my visit to the doctor tomorrow so maybe we can get the ball rolling and come up with some kind of plan to finally get me out of this depression for once and for all. People say that some sufferers may only get depression for two or three years of their life and never experience it again. If I am in that category, surely I have served my sentence, please allow me some happiness for a change, happiness that lasts more than one day, that does not only come on Valentine’s day, Christmas day or on a birthday. Did I do something bad to deserve this? I know I am not that badly off though and there could be something way worse wrong with me. People all around the world have bigger problems, what about all the death recently, even in our own area. In a way I am lucky, I have a chance. But you see the problem with someone suffering with depression is that it is not visible or it may not be given as much notice as in comparison to say cancer or even something as small as a flu. For example for the past few weeks a lot of people I know got struck down with the flu and the whole parish was talking about it, ”God did you see poor Billy Bob, he’s dying with a flu”? I am not saying a flu is not bad, in fact there can be nothing worse sometimes. But what I am saying is depression can be a silent killer, as bad as the flu will get, it more than likely won’t kill you and will pass in a few days. So I just urge you all to keep an eye out for people close to you that may seem physically fine but might be just a little quiet lately, look a bit tired and just basically not themselves. If I was to help just one person by writing this blog, I would be a very happy man. I would take a flu now in exchange please!! Just to update you on Kiw’s whereabouts, he is on his mid-term holidays in Linda’s house. I miss my ‘Black Dog’ but wish I could only shift this other one that strayed in. On the Blackhall front, I didn’t attend training last night.
Depression, The Silent Killer
”I am sorry I put some things in my blog that you must wonder why or where I drag it from but they are stories that interest me and I feel they should be added. Please take time to enjoy. It is my love of sport”.
Away from my depression and all associated with it I would just like to share a success story that I have been following over the past few weeks. It brings a smile to my face, the story of Zambia’s victory in Sunday’s African Cup Of Nations game against strong favourites Ivory Coast. This remarkable story started many years ago…. It has inspired me, anything is possible.

After Tragedy, Zambia Triumphs

Nearly two decades ago, the tiny African nation of Gabon was the site of the darkest chapter in Zambian soccer history.
The finest team that Zambia had produced boarded a plane in the capital city of Libreville on its way to a 1994 World Cup qualifier. The plane took off before plunging into the sea, killing everyone on board and robbing a nation of its heroes.
Last Sunday, the current national team ensured that Gabon would play another role in the minds of every Zambian when it became the site of their greatest soccer triumph.
The Copper Bullets, as Zambia’s team is known, won their first Africa Cup of Nations title, 8-7 in a penalty-kick shootout over heavily favored Ivory Coast.
The preceding 120 minutes were scoreless, as the underdog Zambians traded blows with the Elephants. The pivotal moment came midway through the second half, when Didier Drogba, the Chelsea striker who is one of many European club stars on the Ivory Coast team, fired his penalty shot well over the bar.
The tension surrounding such an emotional game meant that each chance came at a premium, but at the end, it was Zambia that withstood the pressure.
To their countrymen, many of whom are deeply spiritual, the juxtaposition of past sorrow and present joy went a long way in healing old wounds.
“It’s a huge relief,” Benedict Tembo of the Zambia Daily Mail said in a telephone interview. “Finally, the 1993 victims can rest in peace knowing that, almost two decades after the crash, a generation of players put in their best throughout the tournament. That dream, that mission, was accomplished.”
Nineteen years ago, the current soccer federation president Kalusha Bwalya was one of the lucky ones. He was a star striker on the squad in 1993, but was playing club soccer in the Netherlands and avoided the fatal trip. It is his vision that shaped the present day team, one that pays homage to the spirit of those lost.
Bwalya echoed the message of the fans at the final that held a sign that read, “Honoring the 1993 Crash Heroes in Style.”
“We have given tribute to the class of 1993,” Bwalya said. “I’m absolutely certain that the boys are not far from the form that the 1993 players used to play. It’s wonderful for us to be able to come back and try to bring the memories of the 1993 team back on the field.”

Sorry I have strayed from the subject but if you want to read more please follow the link below:

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