Depression And Me

I’d spend the day in bed,
afraid of the outside,
and if a person called
i’d pull up the duvet and hide.
I’d drink the night away,
try to ease the pain
but next morning all my efforts
to get my life together,
would all be in vein.
Drink was not the answer,
it was the opposite infact
and with my doctor’s help,
i’d have to take the pact.
I’d love to grow old and watch the sunset
from my porch,with Linda as my wife
but the other side of me thinks,
why continue with this life.
I can’t explain how I feel,
most days it’s just numb
but then worry takes over…
..what if they think i’m a bum??
More and more people know now,
they are so helpful and kind
but no matter what they say or do,
somedays I still go out of my mind.
I long to feel normal or even happy a full week,
to stop hiding this illness to everyone I speak.
Many people suffered it,
Winston Churchill called it ”his black dog”,
me,it’s as if i’ve been lost for three years,stuck within a fog.
I’ll have to learn to live with it and hope the tablets take effect
and know there will be days i’d climb Mt.Everst
and days i’ll be a wreck.
I hope someday to help others
and to make a good impression,
but for now i’ll soldier on
and battle this depression
By: Robert Cox

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