Player Profiles: Aishling O’Connor

Name: Aisling O Connor

Current position: Wing back sometimes

Fav position: Anywhere in the backs

Best sporting memory: Winning the lexlip semi-final ’10’

Worst sporting memory: Losing The Minor Final To Athy ’10’

Hardest trainer on ladies team: Orla Cagney

Toughest opponent faced: No.12 from athy ’10’ Minor Final

Other hobbies: Basketball, Horse Riding And Soccer

Fav drink: Coke

Fav food: Chips:)

Fav film: Theres too many!

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: ”I gotta feelin”

Fav band: The Wanted

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: Florida

Biscuit or cake: Cake

Tea or coffee: Tea

Milk or water: Water

Fav tv programme: Anything really!

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: David Beckham

Fav sports person: Tommy bowe And Johnny doyle

Biggest joker on the team: Laura O Neill

Biggest talker on the team: Laura O Neill

Any Superstitions Before A Game? No, Not Really.

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