Player Profiles: Dermot Earley

Name: Dermot Earley(Kildare)

Current position: Midfield

Fav position: Midfield

Best sporting memory: Winning the leinster in 1998 with Kildare and then going on to defeat Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final

Worst sporting memory: Loosing the All-Ireland Final in that same year ’98’ to Galway

Hardest trainer on Kildare team: Johnny Doyle

Toughest opponent faced: Ciaran Whelan of Dublin or Darragh O’Shea of Kerry

Milk or water: Water

Fav sports person: Michael Jordan(basketball),Lance Armstrong, Brian O’Driscoll, Padraig Harrington

Any superstitions before a game: Not really just always prepare the same the week of a game, drink plenty of water and try to visualise the game in my head, like catching the ball or giving a crucial hand pass

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