Player Profiles: Grace White

Name: Grace White

Current position: Left Half Forward

Fav position: Left Half Forward

Best sporting memory: Winning Minor County Final

Worst sporting memory: Losing Aagainst Carbury In the Champ Final ’10’

Hardest trainer on ladies team: Fiona Campion

Toughest opponent faced: Carbury + Ballykelly

Other hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Swimming…. Sports

Fav drink: Vanilla Coke, When They Used To Have It

Fav food: Ice-Cream

Fav film: Love And Other Drugs

What song would u like to be playing as u run out onto the field: ”I Gotta Feelin”

Fav band: The Script/Westlife

Where wud u most like to visit in the world: America

Biscuit or cake: Cake

Tea or coffee: Tea

Milk or water: Water

Fav tv programme: Grey’s Anatomy

Johnny Depp or David Beckham: David Beckham

Fav sports person: Oisin McConville (Armagh Footballer)

Biggest joker on the team: Linda Byrne

Biggest talker on the team: Laura o’Neill

Any superstitions before a game: Picking up a piece of grass to see which way the wind is blowing even if there is no wind, taking a point but not being the first person to take one.

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