Kilcock v Celbridge Senior Ladies Challenge Stats: 29/03/11

Kilcock 1:16
Celbridge 2:09

Kilcock Scores:
Eimear Kelly 0:04
Grace White 1:02
Joanne Mulligan 0:04
Noelle Conlon 0:03
Emma Rochford 0:03

Frees Scored/Missed 1/1 Eimear Kelly

Wides: 11

Possession Given Away: 1st half 16
                                      2nd half 10

Throw Ins: 1st half(lost) 2nd half(lost)

Kick Outs Won: (ours) 0
Kick Outs Won: (theirs) 8

Frees Won: 12  Frees Conceded; 22

Blocks: Noelle Conlon (1)
            Fiona Campion (1)
            Sheena Byrne (1)

Goalie Saves: Emma Jayne O’Shea (3)

Players Of The Game: Noelle Conlon,Emma Rochford,Bernie Durkan + Shannon Byrne

1:Emma Jayne O’Shea
2:Rachael Watson
3:Bernie Durkan
4:Mary Tighe
5:Shannon Byrne
6:Fiona Campion
7:Therese Macken
8:Noelle Conlon
9:Emma Rochford
10:Emma Robinson
11:Sheena Byrne
12:Joanne Mulligan
13:Emma Maguire
14:Grace White
15:Aoife Divily

Laura O’Neill
Eimear Kelly for Aoife Divily

Total Players: 17

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