Kilcock ladies v Skryne-challenge 25/2/11 stats only

Kilcock v Skryne: Stats

Result: Kilcock 3:13 (22)
           Skryne  5:09 (24)
Kilcock Scorers:                 
Grace White 2:03                             
E.Robinson 0:04                                                                                                            
Noelle Conlon 1:00
Emma Rochford 0:03
Joanne Mulligan 0:01
Sheena Byrne 0:01
Aoife Divilly 0:01
Frees Scored/Missed: 3/3
Wides: 15         
Possession Given Away: 1st half (21) 2nd half (12)
Throw ins: 1st Half (Won)  2nd Half (Won)
Kick Outs Won:(ours) 8 
Kick Outs Won:(skrynes) 8       
FreesWon:15   FreesConceded:18                                                                                                                                    
Blocks:  N.Conlon (1)
             A.O’Connor (1)
             M.Tighe (1)
             J.Mulligan (1)
             E.Rochford (1)
             C.King (1)
             S.Byrne (1)
Goalie Saves: 4
Players Of The Game: Grace White + Ashling O’Connor

1.Eimear Kelly

2.Mary Tighe
3.Fiona Campion
4.Ciara Leonard                          
5.Emma Maguire
6.Linda Byrne                                             
7.Ashling O’Connor
8.Sheena Byrne
9.Shona Cagney
10.Emma Rochford
11.Joanne Mulligan
12.Grace White
13.Andrea McGrath
14.Noelle Conlon
15.Louise Keane

Emma Robinson
Shannon Farrell
Claire King
Emma Jane O’Shea
Laura O’Neill
Niamh Kelly
Shannon Byrne
Aoife Divily
Deirbhle Mulvihill
Avril Mulligan

Total Players: 25

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