Soccer: Boring or not?

People that don’t like football have been saying to me for years that they would rather watch paint dry than watch a soccer game on tv..but i have always disagreed with them and defended the so called ”beautiful” game! But not anymore,either i am getting older and my interests’ are changing or soccer really has become(or always has been) just plain boring but i find myself agreeing with these aforementioned people.Last night was the final nail in the coffin,my playstation broke so i couldn’t play soccer on it,which is not boring i may add so i found myself twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do.A few years ago I wouldn’t of had this problem as i would have spent all day preparing and talking about the night’s games and then all night watching it.So last night with nothing else to do I sat down to watch the man united v rangers game,well spare me such tripe,united were usless and couldn’t break rangers down who in turn never got out of their on half more than five times as they decieded to play a 9-1 formation….great for the beautiful game that was.Anyway they went away happy with their 0-0 draw but it left me and i’m sure many more flailing soccer fans with the question whether or not to waste a night by watching that muck!! The most interesting thing about it,and it seems to be the norm lately,was the talk of wayne rooney’s goings on with with a lady other than his wife…would you blame him when he has to play in games like that every week..he needs something to get some excitemnent going.Peter crouch is the same,Ashley cole etc etc.It must have been the boring soccer they played in south africa that did it for these lads as they all play for england…so why don’t the irish lads stray from their wives and girlfriends??They must have great will power because they play the most boring soccer in the world.I’ve never seen them perform in the flesh but the tv is enough.They get the ball,hoof it up to the strikers and hope for the best from there.That was grand when we had niall quinn and tony cascarino and a small sriker off them but now we have two small strikers!!Anyway it must ”work”,we beat the mighty andorra last week 3-1 and even the higlights programme of that was boring.God help the people that paid upto 70euro into the new (half-empty,half-full) aviva stadium.But Ireland have always been boring so ill forgive them.Ok i don’t want to harp on too long and have you all think i’m  some aul lad with a chip on his shoulder about soccer cos i come from a staunch gaa family or something but my last example is the world cup…I couldn’t wait for it,i had teams drawn out for people, a wall chart up, i was excited at seeing messi,kaka,rooney and so on…i wasn’t let down, i seen messy alright,messy game after messy game.Everyone was talking about how bad it was and then after a month of it they topped it all off with the worst ever world cup final between spain and holland.yes spain and holland,you would expect a bit of flair,great passing,goals.we got one goal and about 100fouls from holland to ruin the game.Good thing about the world cup,it’s not on for another four years.Anyway lets hope i get the playstation fixed soon.oh i forgot to say after like fifteen years of having sky sports i got rid of it this year.WHY? because soccer is boring now and thats all i had it for.But i will miss the cricket!!!!

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