It was in the year of 08 in the lovely month of may when the gatflys were swarming and the red was baling the hay, oh with sterling and sandwiches for Downroyal we began, Coxer packed his northy phrasebook and dvd money for ann! Some of the syndicate had never been over the border before twas the first time Lar put his foot outside of his back door but before we left for Ulster we knew we’d need a plan so we all agree that Coxer was the man to drive the van

In Antrim the m1 twas like the castle road there was every make of car and bus all carrying the full load, from ford transits and hi-aces and an old Bedford from mulhussey , with the engine overheating from long hauling the bag of money.

There were fans from newtownmoyaghey,calgath,mulhussey and kilcock all looked after by scobby like a shepherd tends his flock, coxer met a trainers daughter on the banks of the river bann and told her she’d be welcome in longtown while his wife’s off getting a tan! As soon as we found downroyal we got the horse box in a ring, eric walked striker and Bernard began to sing. The syndicate gathered from everywhere, attracted by the sound, the first rendition of carrickfergus in Ulster and coxer passed the flagon round.

But the session it ended when we’d emptied the flagon and stout and some dozed off just as the first race broke out…one by one we fell asleep, coxer had a dream, he dreamt himself, Vincent and scobby would once again be a winning team, coxer dreamt that they all agreed on eric to lead straight away and that striker was to only eat half of red’s bale of hay, but tempers they began to rise, patience thinning to a man, Vincent wanted berry but coxer wanted kinane!! The dream turned into a nightmare, coxer hit scobby an almighty whack who wanted to bring Charlie swan and lester Piggott back.The cock crew as if morning, it crew both loud and shrill and coxer woke up in the vip bar, many miles from harris’ hill.

Just before the race none of the experts gave us the slightest chance, they said that ‘romeos on fire’ would lead striker on a merry dance.Romeo and funatfuntasia for victory they were set until fran got striker out and gave him a gentle pet! What happened next is history, brought tears to tesses’ eyes, oh that day will be the highlight of many of our lives. Coxer climbed right over the top and the last time he was seen was arm in arm with frank reilly singing revenge for bohermeen.

Now lars back inside his door,he’s living with me mam and scobby has been proclaimed an honourary calgath man. But hey da remember the trainer’s daughter on the banks of the river bann?? Well didn’t she show up in longtown last week and….

Striking force is back in his stable, happy with his three-in-a-row and the syndicate lived up to its name, last out of davey’s, where boy the drink did flow!!!

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